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About Us

We care about providing the best for you!


Our Story

High Voltage Industry was first started cause we saw the need for a woman to come into a male dominated field and help dress them properly and safely.  Ok, now that we have your attention let’s talk about why we really started the company.

You’ve heard the saying “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”…I wanted to live a life with passion for what I do.

  I’ve worked as a groundsman for awhile (hard to believe right?) and I was a Project Manager for 4 years and during that time noticed a lack of readily available options of quality FR and footwear so we decided we wanted to bring convenience and safety to the workers. 

We do a lot of Business to Business sales as well as online and store front.  We outfit workers from head to toe with the brands and style’s they love. 

We work with companies to streamline their FR programs, help with sizing to decrease the return process, offer a customizable online portal to allow the employees to order their own FR and/or boots, and if you’re within our area we’ll even come to you with boots and FR so workers can try on right there and purchase straight from the trailer. 

Our goal is to bring convenient, stylish, and quality safety options to all of the hard workers.